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Equipment and Attachments

Excavators, Loaders and Rollers
  • Building site preparation using machine equiped laser leveling equipment.

  • House, Shed and Tank Sites, Tennis Courts, Hard Stand Areas

  • Underground Concrete tank installations from 500lt to 200,000lt capacity 

  • Concrete Cellar Installations

  • Building Pad preparation for both domestic and commercial sites

  • Controlled and compacted fill to engineered specifications, this requires wetmixing of fill and compaction in suitable layers with compaction testing


We are often asked ....why should I slash? So here's a few reasons.

  • Reduce risk of fires and fire's ability to spread

  • To create mulching material for reducing erosion

  • Minimise soil disturbance

  • Reduce seed germination

  • Easier access for spraying

  • Reduced poisons required for a better kill rate

  • No dead canes standing from poisioning


HUGE range of attachments to compete all types of jobs

  • Compaction wheel attachment

  • Sieve bucket attachment

  • Auger attachment

  • Tilt bucket

  • Grader

Trucks, Trailers and Tippers
  • Service trenching for power, water, phone etc. Backfilling and compaction in layers to reduce any future subsidance

  • Trenching & Pipe installation from 100mm to 1.8m 

  • Stormwater system design and installations 

  • Tank installation's and associated plumbing and electrical

  • Culvert and concrete pipe installations up to 1.8m diameter

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